Unique reasons for you to book Ali for your next conference

Ali feels strongly that delegates deserve to hear someone who practices what they preach, believing that just theorising isn’t effective enough for today’s more complex and challenging business world.

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Ali Cameron-Daw

Business styles are forever changing and Ali’s speaking work exactly reflects this, giving delegates contemporary and highly relevant skills that empower and inspire them to immediately make a change in what they were doing, to what the world-beaters do now!

These contemporary essentials are balanced with the more classic foundations of business success that need to be in place first and foremost.

Frankly – if you’re a good performer with a sound background in the subject required by the client, it’s not difficult to inspire, educate and motivate your audience. The much trickier but essential factor all her clients receive is the underpinning psychology required to MAKE IT LAST!

Without this, the techniques learned start to fade away over the weeks following the conference. People return to busy careers and find it easy to forget the motivation they felt at the last conference.

Compelling reasons to book Ali for your next conference:

  • World-beating business techniques combined with subtle and proven psychological factors resulting in sustained effectiveness.
  • The interactive conference experience: more than just sitting and listening. Connecting with delegates, instant feedback and modification during the session, achieving change and real improvement.
  • Unique, interactive presentation style using NLP, music and humour, creating challenges, enabling delegates to buy-in to change for the long-term.