Roger Hanson,
Sun Microsystems

"Ali delivered everything we were hoping for… and then some! The briefing session meant that the workshop tackled the critical areas for our business. Her delivery was full of energy and good ideas. We will be working with Ali again."

Mary Crowther,
Sun Alliance Financial Risks

"I wanted to follow up on our last conference. You delivered everything we wanted - in fact you exceeded expectations! The care that you took over the briefing session beforehand was impressive - you picked up really well on all of the critical areas and quickly grasped the key issues facing both the business and the team. We were all impressed with the high level of energy you brought to the conference - and the stream of good, and practical, ideas we came away with. We will be using you again, and I will be in touch next time we plan our next conference."

Jenny Tulse,

"We were looking for someone to deliver a keynote speech with a difference. As well as motivating our staff, we wanted them to know how they could realise their potential in their current roles. Ali succeeded in creating a buzz in the auditorium and also left our staff with a string of practical ideas which we hadn't considered before."

Sally Cooper,
London Stock Exchange

"Ali is a strong communicator and an inspirational figure. She clearly has a passion for helping people to be more productive and more fulfilled, and we look forward to working with her again."

Random House Publishing

Alice Corrie, Commissioning Editor
"Very tailored to our needs-fun-interesting & relevant."

Miranda West, Editorial Director
"Ali gave us masses of vital information that was new to me; great objection-handling on those we actually encounter!"

Shannon Park, Editor
"Great pace and level of information. Loved focusing on relevant scenarios / brainstorming with colleagues and taking home ideas that will stick in my head!"

Bridget Harris,
Leadership Centre for the LGA

"Ali has been a key ingredient to the success of the Leadership Centre for Local Government's 'next generation' programme for up and coming politicians. Her approach, expert knowledge and intuitive awareness of how (in this case) politicians feel and think has been particularly valuable. She led our conference on presentation, communication, time management, negotiation as well as facilitating the day for us. What particularly impressed me was her commitment to supporting follow- up with our participants, providing detailed feedback, and giving us huge amounts of time and energy to ensure her job was thoroughly done."

James Taljaard,
Arts & Business - Director

"Excellent work from Ali; fast and effective session with strong learning points."

Mary Trainer,
Arts & Business - Director

"Excellent-very strong sales techniques and tools re-sales pipeline, questioning and closing. Very well tailored to our business."

Beryl Sharp,
Arts & Business - Regional Manager

"Ali is obviously highly experienced in professional selling. 'Overcoming Objections' was particularly helpful, as was sharing information with colleagues to achieve winning solutions. She is excellent!"

Tim Farrer,
Riley Recruitment

"The challenge for Ali was to make a lasting impact on our sales team in a three hour workshop. We looked at the range of subjects Ali covers and fine-tuned the workshop by focusing on confidence-building and presentation skills. The results were astonishing, and as I write this some 3 months later, the effect is still paying us dividends."