Business themes, all designed for client tailoring with built-in endurance factors

World-class selling

Ali teaches razor-sharp techniques and gives a real psychological understanding of what makes people buy. Successful contemporary selling requires pressure to be removed from the situation, and for desire to be built in for the customer by following a small number of crucial steps. Ali delivers a universal set of ideas which resonate with everyone who has ever sat with a customer. Her delegates leave with a determination to transform their work and a better understanding of how to remain resilient and highly motivated in the face of the challenges of today's business world.

Managing Change

Even though most organizations understand the importance of aligning their staff with their new vision, many make the same common mistakes when it comes to the effective implementation of new ideas. Ali reveals the dangers of merely dealing with processes and skills, effectively highlighting the power of working with integrity, emotional maturity and compassion, thereby helping managers and business leaders ensure a complete and long-lasting ‘buy-in’ from their colleagues.

Win-Win Negotiating

Just being a ‘tough’ negotiator is not enough for today’s more sophisticated and challenging business environment. Ali’s delegates learn how to effectively plan their negotiations in order to maintain control and confidence. They learn how to keep the client motivated, handle objections effectively, and how to build desire, ensuring a true ‘win-win’ agreement and the all-important ability to return in the future for repeat business.

Time Management

How can we manage time when it ticks on relentlessly, whatever we do? We have to manage ourselves. Ali does not beat about the bush in challenging inefficient patterns of behaviour and in helping people to work at their full potential, and doing so happily! By encouraging people to be honest about the way they work, and by revealing the reality of their effectiveness, they realise the dangers of self-deception, procrastination and disorganisation. These sessions are full of humour and honesty, as delegates leave with the techniques utilised by the world’s most successful and busy business stars, wrapped in a realisation of the importance of self-discipline.

High-Impact Presentation Skills

Using a combination of psychology and fail-proof presentation techniques, Ali ensures that her delegates learn how to utilise nerves and build self-confidence into powerful tools, ensuring that their delivery, self-belief and technique, transforms their future presentations into high-impact and enjoyable experiences for all concerned! Ali is constantly rewarded with great feedback from previously ‘shaky’ presenters who remembered the ‘omnipotence’ technique and put it into practise with great effect!

Outstanding Leadership

In today’s competitive business world, the strength and effectiveness of all leaders becomes increasingly crucial.
Ali shares only those techniques and philosophies that are used by the world’s best leaders, showing how to balance great communication and motivational skills with the ability to handle difficult and sometimes unpopular decisions that need to be made, in a manner that ensures robust ‘buy-in’ from their teams.

Successful Team-Working

Nowadays everyone understands the importance of team-working and the effect this has on the success of each business or organisation. Ali highlights where the ’weak‘ links might be, particularly as they are so often hidden, encouraging her delegates to make an honest assessment of the part they play within their various teams or single team. The humorous yet stark way this is delivered motivates everyone to return to their teams with a renewed vigour, equipped with a stronger insight for the need for vigilance, self-discipline and empathy.